Prototyping an Inclusive Design Process for the Creation of Accessible Housing in Alberta

The built environment is intrinsically related to social inclusion and wellbeing. While our built environments represent connectivity, they are not barrier free.

Decades of research in disability studies and advocacy by disability activists has drawn attention to the powerful role that ‘disabling environments’ play in the social exclusion of people living with physical, sensory, cognitive, pain-related, or intellectual impairments. This scholarship and political action has drawn attention to the importance of ‘inclusive environments’ in the everyday lives of people living with disability. However, inclusive environments, such as accessible housing, are difficult to achieve in practice, even in jurisdictions like Alberta.

This project will research and develop tools to support the policy and planning required to ensure that our built environments, especially housing, is inclusive of and accessible for all Albertans.

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Built Environment – Support research, policy development and planning which supports aging in home and accessibility.

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Built Environment: Support consumers as successful tenants or homeowners.


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