Engaging Stakeholders in Alberta’s Grassland Region to collaborate, innovate, and apply sustainable land-use solutions, and to link urban, rural, and ecological communities

Alberta’s Grasslands, home to more than half our province’s residents, is a place rich in culture, heritage, and natural beauty; however, multiple human demands on this landscape also make grasslands home to more than 75% of the province’s endangered wildlife species. For over 20 years, Operation Grassland Community has sought win-win solutions to balance these multi-stakeholder demands. This year, Operation Grassland Community will bridge urban-rural disconnect through an innovative video-documentary outreach initiative called the “Conservation Caravan”, and we will work directly with a “Steering Forum” of rural stakeholders to implement innovative sustainable land management projects as an active demonstration of steps we can take to achieve balance in the region’s economic and ecological needs.

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Land: Support sustainable land use planning and management.


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Alberta Fish & Game Association, Operation Grassland Community Program

Developed in 1989, Operation Grassland Community (OGC) is a stewardship program that works directly with landholders in Alberta to secure and enhance prairie wildlife habitats for species at risk.