Advancing the Real Estate Industry for Albertan Immigrants and Newcomers

This project will implement proven education and support practices to newcomer and immigrant Albertans who have little experience and understanding of Albertan homes or the Canadian real estate industry. This project will educate immigrant and newcomer Albertan’s who are new or future homeowners on the structure of Albertan homes, how homes ‘work’, how to understand and sign up for energy services, and the typical operating costs associated with Albertan homes. This consumer education will ensure newcomers and immigrants have the information and education they need to make informed home-buying decisions. This project will ensure new and future Albertan homeowners are empowered and educated to understand and plan for affordable homeownership.

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Real Estate Leadership – Improve capacity and understanding of real estate professionals and/or consumers on real estate issues.
Built Environment – Expand access to housing options that are affordable and support homeownership through the adaption of best practices to the Alberta context or experimental pilot projects.

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Built Environment: Support consumers as successful tenants or homeowners.


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Acting as a bridge into multilingual, multicultural, and vulnerable communities to ensure important information on energy, utility consumer protection, and education reaches all Albertans.