A New Approach to Energy Efficiency in New Homes

Energy efficiency is among the most cost-effective ways to reduce a homeowner’s ongoing monthly utility costs, and the most influential time to affect the efficiency of a home is during its initial design and construction. Decisions made during home design and construction impact not only the initial homebuyer, but all future owners. This project will leverage the launch of the Clean Energy Improvement Program in the province to demonstrate how it can be used to significantly increase the energy efficiency of new homes constructed. The successful demonstration could present an opportunity for all new buildings in the province (both multi-unit residential and commercial) to be built to a higher efficiency level for the same sticker price as a standard efficiency building – benefiting both the initial owner and all subsequent owners.

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Built Environment – Expand access to housing options that are affordable and support homeownership through the adaption of best practices to the Alberta context or experimental pilot projects.

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Built Environment: Support consumers as successful tenants or homeowners.


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Alberta Energy Efficiency Alliance

The Alberta Energy Efficiency Alliance (AEEA) is a member-based organization with a diverse group of stakeholders actively working to maximize energy efficiency in the province of Alberta. Energy efficiency plays an important role in creating a sustainable Alberta, economically and environmentally.