November 24, 2022

Introducing Green Building Education for Real Estate Professionals

A blue car sits in front of a green building with wooden siding

By Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT)

As an industry-leading research team, SAIT Green Building Technologies (GBT), under the Applied Research and Innovation Services (ARIS) group with funding from the Alberta Real Estate Foundation created a series of 5 educational videos to educate real estate and other industry professionals on green building science, technologies, and best practices. With the growing demand for high-performance and green homes, this specialized and industry-relevant curriculum focuses on the knowledge needs of real estate professionals in the Alberta context.

The curriculum was informed by focus group sessions, surveys, and feedback from real estate professionals. The SAIT GBT team identified key areas of interest under the umbrella of green buildings and sustainability. The 5 videos will help increase awareness and knowledge of the environmental, financial, and building performance benefits.

A Home Evaluation: Tips & Tricks segment is included at the end of the video series to provide participants with recommendations on how to apply their newfound knowledge in conversation with homeowners. Participants can enhance their learning experience using the Learning Bites worksheets.

This project offered the SAIT GBT team valuable experiences in educational development including online focus groups, video planning, content development, media editing, and a deeper understanding of green buildings through a real estate lens. The team looks forward to future partnerships with Alberta’s real estate industry.

About Green Building Technologies
SAIT’s Green Building Technologies (GBT) team is made up of architects, environmental professionals, industrial engineering designers, and fabrication trades with credentials ranging from master tradesperson to Master’s Degrees. Their industry experience helps ensure that projects align with the needs of private sector partners, thus transforming the green building industry in Alberta. GBT is one of 6 research teams that make up the Applied Research and Innovation Services (ARIS) department at SAIT.

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