July 24, 2014

CURB Magazine: Boomtown Edition

Curb Magazine Cover: Volume 5 Issue 1 2014

Boomtowns – a familiar concept for Alberta. Rapid growth, while providing economic opportunities for communities, also comes with challenges of sustainability and quality of life. The City-Region Studies Centre is pleased to present its “Boomtowns” issue of Curb Magazine, the second part of its “Place-making in a Growing Economy” project, supported by AREF. This issue of Curb, reaching municipal offices and planning departments across the province, as well as available online and through retail outlets, explores shared challenges facing booming communities and planning and policy strategies to overcome them. Specific topics include the affordability and availability of housing and commercial space, homelessness, regional planning, planning for population and demographic changes, and creating engaging public spaces. This issue features case studies from Calgary, Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Camrose, and Cold Lake, and includes interviews with members of Alberta’s real estate community. A preview version of Curb’s “Boomtowns” issue is available through the AREF online library, and a full version is available through the CRSC website at http://crsc.ualberta.ca/CurbMagazine.aspx.

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by Brittany Stares, CRSC

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